Medical Witness About Alcohol

Medical Witness About Alcohol: Dr. Ezra M. Hunt said: "The capacity of alcohol for the disruption of function and initiation and promotion of organic lesions in the vital part is unmatched by records in the entire range of medicines. The facts about this are undeniable, and so far given by the profession, to no longer be debated, changes in the stomach and liver, in the kidneys and lungs, in the blood vessels to the smallest capillaries, and in the blood to disruption of the smallest red and white blood disks secretions, fibroid degeneration and fat in almost every organ, muscle strength disorders, such a deep impression on the two nervous systems that it often becomes this poison, and like this, is a result that is often manifested. And this is not limited to what is called overreach. "
Medical Witness About Alcohol
Medical Witness About Alcohol
Professor Youmans said: "It is clear that, so far from being a regulator of health, alcohol is an active and powerful cause of disease, disturbing, as is the case, with respiration, circulation, and nutrition; now, is another possible outcome?"

F.R. Lees said: "Alcohol must contribute to the fattening process under certain conditions, and produce fat degeneration in blood drinkers, following, as a matter of course, because, on the one hand, we have agents that maintain waste by reducing nutritional and excretory functions, and on the other hand, poisons directly from vital flow vesicles. "

Henry Monroe said: "There is no type of tissue, both healthy and unhealthy, that may not experience fat degeneration; and there are no organic diseases that make it difficult for medical personnel, or very difficult to cure. If, with the help of a microscope, we examine the the very subtle of the muscles taken from someone in good health, we find the muscles of the company, elastic and bright red, made of parallel fibers, with beautiful crossings or striae, but if we examine the muscles of a man together who undergo rest periods, live immovable lives, and enjoy intoxicating drinks, we detect, at the same time, the appearance of pale, flabby, inelastic, oily. Alcoholic narcotics seems to produce this strange condition of tissue more than any other agent we know. 'Three quarters of chronic diseases that must be handled by medical personnel, 'said Dr. Chambers,' caused by this disease. ' France's leading analytic chemist, Lecanu, found as many as one hundred and seventeen parts of a thousand parts of fat in a drunk's blood, the highest estimate of health and health was eight and a quarter, while ordinary quantities were no more than two or three, so that drunk blood contained four forty times more than the usual amount. "

Hammond, who has written, in defense of a portion of alcohol as containing food strength, said: "When I say that, of all other causes, most produce interesting brain disorders, spinal cord and nerves, I made a statement which in my experience right. "

Another prominent doctor said about alcohol: "This replaces pus for growth. This helps time to produce an age effect; and, in other words, is a degenerate genius."

Dr. Monroe, from whom "Alcohol, taken in small amounts, or mostly diluted, as in the form of beer, causes the stomach to gradually lose its tone, and makes it dependent on artificial stimuli. Atony, or wants to tone from the stomach, is gradually monitored, and incurable health problems.If the dose of alcoholic beverages is taken every day, the heart will very often become hypertrophy, or enlarged to the whole.Indeed, it is very painful to witness how many people actually work under heart disease, mainly because of the use of alcoholic beverages. "

Dr. T.K. Chambers, a doctor from Prince of Wales, said: "Alcohol is the most ineffective diet. Alcohol impoverishes blood, and there is no more sure path to the dreaded degeneration of muscle fiber; and in heart disease, especially painful, by accelerating rhythm , causing irregular capillary and circulating congestion, and thus mechanically causing dilation. "

Sir Henry Thompson, a prominent surgeon, said: "Do not drink wine every day under the pretext of anything that makes you good. Think of it as a luxury that must be paid for, by some people very lightly, by some people at high prices, but always has to be paid. And, for the most part, some loss of health, or mental strength, or emotional calm, or judgment, is the price. "

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Dr. Charles Jewett said: "The late Prof. Parks, of England, in his great work on Hygiene, has effectively discarded the idea, the old and generally entertaining, that alcohol is a valuable prophylaxis in which the climate is bad, water is bad and conditions others that were not beneficial to health, existed, and an unfortunate experiment with articles, in the Union army, on the edge of Chickahominy, in 1863, proved

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