Shopping for Healthy Food

Grocery shopping is something we must all do, although choosing the right food can indeed be very difficult. To help you shop for healthy food, the tips below can indeed help make things easier:
Shopping for Healthy Food
Shopping for Healthy Food
  1. Never shop for food on an empty stomach.
  2. Choose canned fruits and tuna packed in water, not oil or syrup.
  3.  Look at the label for the words "hydrogenated" or "partially hydrogenated". The earlier you see it appear on the list, the higher the amount of unhealthy trans fatty acids contained in food.
  4. Don't buy turkey with the skin on it, and if you plan to buy chicken - buy chicken breast food.
  5. When you choose frozen dinner, choose one that is not only low in fat, but also low in sodium and cholesterol.
  6. If you don't consume enough dairy products, just use calcium-fortified orange juice.
  7. Choose whole wheat bread, cereals and rolls.
  8. Try cantaloupe. With only 95 calories, half a melon will supply Vitamin C and beta carotene more than one day.
  9. Don't be fooled into buying yogurt coated with beans or raisins, because the coating is usually made of sugar and some hydrogenated oil.
  10. Get some low-fat treats, such as pretzels, ginger, and angel food cakes.

By following the tips above when shopping, you will avoid bad food and get what you need. There are many different healthy foods at the grocery store, all you need is the power of willingness to go through bad and good foods.

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  2. We also have to understand that although packaged foods (processed foods) straight from the source affects us all differently, there are some fundamental ways in which we will react, and it's usually the degree of the reaction that varies among each of us.


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