Types of Acupuncture

Types of Acupuncture: There are various types of acupuncture. Whatever you decide to use, they are designed to do the same thing and that is to relieve pain or treat certain diseases.
Types of Acupuncture
Types of Acupuncture
The first is called TCM-based acupuncture. Here, he uses eight principles of complementarity to create harmony in the body. This includes yin / yang, internal / external, over / under, hot / cold.

Next it is called French energetic acupuncture. This is often used by MD acupuncturists. The Meridian pattern is emphasized here especially the yin-yang pair of the primary meridian.

Korean hand acupuncture is another thing because practitioners believe that the hands and feet have a concentration of qi, and applying acupuncture needles to this area is effective for the whole body.

There is also auricular acupuncture where it is believed that the ear is a microcosm of the body. This means that the acupuncture needle is placed at certain points in the ear so that it can treat certain addictive disorders.

Myofascially based acupuncture is often used by physical therapists because it involves feeling the meridian line looking for a tender point before applying the needle because this is where abnormal energy flows.

The Japanese acupuncture style, called "meridian therapy," tends to emphasize the needling technique and feeling meridians in the diagnosis.

Electromagnetic energy impulses can also be used because the body produces small electrical discharges but affects the function, growth, and maturity of several types of cells. By inserting a needle in this area, it stimulates and changes the neurotransmitters in the body, making the patient feel better after treatment. This is also sometimes used for diagnosis and testing.

There are also other forms of acupuncture that don't use needles. For example, there is a sonopuncture that uses an ultrasound device that transmits sound waves to points in the body to treat patients. Some practitioners use tuning forks or other vibration devices.

Acupressure is another thing. Here, professionals will use their hands to relieve pain. This can be used when sown or with other manual healing techniques.

The amount of care you need depends on the patient's condition. On average this can be from 10 to 5 treatments and 2 to 3 times a week. How much it costs also varies because this can be from $ 40 to $ 150. Some insurance companies and HMOs now bear it or partially so you have to check whether this is included in your policy.

Anyone can try acupuncture to relieve pain or prevent one but many practitioners refuse to see someone during pregnancy. But if you have started, it is generally safe to do so until the baby is born.

Some acupuncturists may ask you to consume some herbs as part of treatment. Because you don't know what can be done, check this first by a local doctor to make sure it is safe because this can interact with the drugs you are using which cause side effects.

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Which type of acupuncture should you try? That's up to you. Everything is effective, so discuss this with your doctor and do research so you know what you are dealing with. Each does not cause pain so relax and let the professionals do the rest. Just like conventional medicine, don't expect an overnight increase because this requires time so keep an open mind.

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