Overcome Gastric Wounds Naturally

Overcome Gastric Wounds Naturally: Do you often feel heartburn, nausea, or frequent belching? Possibly this is a sign of gastric injury or gastric ulcer. To deal with gastric wounds, there are several natural ingredients that you can try, in addition to undergoing treatment from a doctor.
Overcome Gastric Wounds Naturally
Overcome Gastric Wounds Naturally
The appearance of gastric wounds is usually caused by an increase in stomach acid which causes the inner surface (mucosa) of the stomach to erode. Gastric wounds are more common in older people (over 60 years). Even so, this condition can actually occur at any age.

Here's how to deal with stomach ulcers naturally
To prevent stomach ulcers from gaining weight, you are advised to regulate a regular diet, starting from eating to the type of food consumed.

Complaints due to gastric wounds often feel so disturbing. Gastric wounds can also develop into dangerous conditions if not handled properly. In addition to drugs, stomach injuries that are still relatively mild can be overcome with natural ingredients, such as:

1. White sweet potato
According to research, eating white sweet potatoes is known to overcome gastric wounds. The content of flour in white sweet potatoes is believed to protect the gastric mucosa. However, this still needs further investigation.

2. Honey
Consumption of honey can help heal stomach wounds. Honey is a natural antibiotic that is believed to be able to prevent the growth of H. pylori bacteria as a cause of gastric injury. To help relieve stomach ulcers you can consume one tablespoon of honey every day.

3. Aloe vera
Aloe vera is also known as a plant that can heal gastric wounds. This is due to the antibacterial properties of this plant.

4. Licorice
Just like honey, licorice can also be used to prevent the growth of H. pylori bacteria in the stomach. In addition, consuming licorice extract can also increase the production of mucus that lines the stomach so that it is not easily injured. However, you should consult their use to the doctor first, to avoid side effects.

5. Cabbage juice
It may sound strange if cabbage is made into juice, but the efficacy of this drink is considered effective in overcoming gastric wounds. Some studies have found that consuming cabbage juice is not only beneficial for preventing gastric wounds, but also effective in dealing with other digestive problems.

Some of the natural ingredients above can help alleviate the condition of gastric wounds. But keep in mind, these ingredients cannot completely replace the benefits of medicines from a doctor.

If the complaint does not diminish or even gain weight after consuming the ingredients above, you should immediately consult your doctor, especially if the complaint of gastric wounds is accompanied by vomiting blood or stool color that looks red and black.

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